Thought for the week

I don’t know about you but parts of the ‘lockdown’ that felt new and different are starting to feel limiting and tiring. Some of us have had to face some really sad, challenging and difficult situations whilst the majority have just seen life shrink down and many of the things we enjoyed previously – friends, family, sports etc – seem a long way off returning. What do we do? One of the things that can help us through is deliberately looking for things to be grateful for. Psychologists the world over know that where we focus, either on what we do have or what we don’t, will totally change the way we feel on the inside. We know that to be true because some of the people we know.  Some are the most content and yet have so many challenges and others look like they have everything sorted and yet are constantly distressed and complaining. It’s not a new idea to look for things to be grateful, it’s an old one that God points us to in the Bible. In fact, it says our peace inside is directly related to our thankfulness. That’s a choice we can all make, and it will get us through the weeks ahead. God bless.

Mr Dunnett