September 2020 Re-opening

Please click here to read the letter outlining September 2020 re-opening.  Parents have been sent an email if their child is joining the College in September 2020; this outlines arrival and departure times for their child in Repcetion.

Staggered start times

Primary years arrival and departure times

Current Class/Form TeacherNew Class/Form TeacherTerm Start DateDaily Arrival TimeDaily Departure TimeGatePE Day (Primary)
YR: Mrs ClaytonY1: Miss WhanWednesday 9th September09:0514:50AMonday
YR: Mrs de CruzY1: Miss LoweryWednesday 9th September09:0514:50AMonday
Y1: Miss WhanY2: Miss PettyWednesday 9th September09:0514:50BWednesday
Y1: Miss LoweryY2: Mrs CritchleyWednesday 9th September09:0514:50BWednesday
Y2: Miss PettyY3: Miss SimpsonMonday 7th September08:5515:00AWednesday
Y2: Mrs CritchleyY3: Mr GordonMonday 7th September08:5515:00AWednesday
Y3: Miss SimpsonY4: Mrs O’BrienMonday 7th September08:5515:00CMonday
Y3: Mr GordonY4: Mrs KaneMonday 7th September08:5515:00CMonday
Y4: Mrs O’BrienY5: Miss PeacockMonday 7th September08:4515:10CThursday
Y4: Miss JohnsonY5: Mrs GlassMonday 7th September08:4515:10CThursday
Y5: Mrs Tinn/Mrs PhillipsY6: Miss MoatMonday 7th September08:4515:10AThursday
Y5: Mrs GlassY6: Miss NgMonday 7th September08:4515:10AThursday

Secondary years arrival and departure times

Year GroupTerm Start DateDaily Arrival TimeDaily Departure TimeGate
7Monday 7th September08:3515:20A
8Wednesday 9th September08:3515:20B
9Wednesday 9th September08:2515:30A
10Tuesday 8th September08:2515:30B
11Monday 7th September08:2515:30C