PE at Home

Keeping fit and active during this difficult time is absolutely vital for both your mind and your body. On this page you will find a number of different links and ideas in order to keep active whilst at home.

PE at Home

Fitness Diary

Fitness Workout Selector

Please give them a go and see what you think. The most important part of doing any exercise is that you enjoy doing what you’re doing.
Get everyone at home to join in with you!

As extra motivation there is also a fitness diary template that you can complete so that you can track what you are doing each day. Make sure you’re doing at least 30 minutes per day.

The Body Coach TV
Youtube link:

Join Joe Wicks at 9am Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a 30 minute fitness class.

Bingo Fitness:
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The bottom line of each card is deliberately blank in order for you to add your own exercises should you wish. Use 2 dice or an online dice. Add OR multiply the numbers together. This is the number of an exercise you will do. Select an exercise and perform that number of the exercise. Cross your chosen exercise off your card once you have completed it and roll again.

Fundamental Movements:
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Durham School Sports Partnership Website
Please use this link for more activity ideas for you to complete.

Create your own fitness circuit:
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Use the link to help you create your own fitness circuit. Design your circuit. Think about the timings for each station and away you go!