Technology and Design

Why do we study Design Technology at Christ’s College?

As part of the whole school approach to a broad and well-balanced curriculum. Our curriculum is ambitious for all students regardless of ability, background, or barriers, enabling them to be successful in the next stage of their education or employment. To achieve this, through the curriculum:

We seek to afford students the opportunity to grow in character as they learn. We hope that all our students will have the opportunity to develop their character both in and out of the classroom. We want students to be intellectually curious as well as effective life-long learners.

We strive for students to develop knowledge, expertise and wisdom. We desire that our curriculum will cultivate a love of learning in our students who are captured by awe and wonder as they learn. We desire that our students will turn their knowledge into wisdom by responding to and putting into practice what they learn.

We desire that our students use their learning to serve others in their community and beyond. We seek to provide opportunities for students to serve one another and their communities through servant-hearted leadership and service.

Christ’s College’s Christian ethos underpins our D&T curriculum. Students will learn to design, create, and evaluate their own models and projects. Children at Christ’s College will be provided with opportunity to develop various skills and techniques as the continue their educational journey through Christ’s College. Students will gain an understanding of technical knowledge relevant to their topic of study.

Students will develop their substantive knowledge across their time at Christs’ College so that they can apply their understanding of key concepts to unfamiliar problems. Disciplinary knowledge (the skills students need) is embedded throughout. They will develop the confidence to communicate their ideas fluently and be able to apply their skills to plan, carry out and evaluate their own work. They will see how research and exploration of the project can help them to design, make and create their own interpretation of their project. These skills will develop their character, enabling them to make responsible decisions in the future, be critical consumers and contribute to the good of a wider society.

Our curriculum is underpinned by our belief that every child is infinitely precious, gifted for purpose and morally responsible. This means that the curriculum is taught in a culture of high expectations and personal best, where all students can strive to achieve beyond what they believe they are capable of.

Students will be able to make links between scientific concepts and are further encouraged to connect their experiences in the classroom to wider contexts in the world around them. We teach students to be critical about information and to evaluate strategies and behaviours that could impact on the environment and society. We incorporate topical issues to ensure students have an awareness of sustainability and relevance of local and global issues to their lives. Where links are made between topics and the local context of Sunderland.


Subject Staff

Primary Lead: Miss L Scrafton
Secondary Faculty Lead: Mrs A Green
Secondary Design Technology Teacher: Miss E Smith
Secondary Food & Nutrition Teacher: Mrs R Burford