Why do we study Maths at Christ’s College?
The aim of studying Mathematics is to provide students with the knowledge, discipline and skills to enable them to become mathematically literate for life. This allows them to solve everyday problems in a diverse range of contexts and to make valuable contributions to society. Mathematics develops students’ logical and critical thinking skills and the ability to problem-solve, reason and articulate understanding. This subject encourages students to ask questions, develop resilience and to enquire about the world around them from a mathematical perspective. The skills taught in maths prepare students for the methodology for life. Furthermore Maths helps students better understand the world around them in terms of logic an problem solving.

Through the study of Mathematics, students will develop the following aspects of their character: honesty, integrity, resilience, accuracy, precision, growth mindset, verbal reasoning, wisdom, inquisitiveness, responsibility, good judgement, perseverance, organisation.

By studying Mathematics, students will gain the knowledge and skills to equip them for a morally responsible adult life. Understanding of number and place value will enable students to think numerically in everyday situations, such as managing money. They will use wisdom to use mathematical knowledge for good and not evil.

Students will be equipped to serve at home and in the local community by using mathematical skills with precision and accuracy. The skills learnt in Mathematics can be applied across the curriculum to enhance understanding of the world and be utilised to serve the local and global community, such as through fundraising and being a responsible earning member of society.


Subject Staff
Primary Maths Lead: Miss S Ng (AVP – Upper Key Stage 2)
Secondary Faculty Lead & Teacher: Mrs A Green
Secondary Maths Teacher: Mr F Cookson
Secondary Maths Teacher: Mr J Gray