At Christ’s College we believe that all students are unique and precious. We value each one of our students and strive to make the curriculum accessible for all students, regardless of SEND, disability or circumstance. 

At Christ’s College we believe have developed an all-through curriculum which is:

  • Knowledge rich
  • Progressive
  • Inclusive
  • Inspiring
  • Transformative

The ‘curriculum’: breadth of subjects, opportunities, and staffing

In most smaller schools, the size greatly limits the breadth of curriculum. However, at Christ’s College we believe that we have excelled in our curriculum despite our size. This academic and vocational range now includes:

  • Engineering
  • Hospitality and Catering (KS4)
  • Business Studies (KS4)
  • Computing
  • Geography
  • History
  • Sciences (Triple Science and Combined Science at KS4)
  • PE
  • Art
  • Health and Social Care (KS4)
  • language (French)
  • English
  • Maths
  • RE
  • Music

Most students study nine GCSEs, including English, Maths, Sciences and RE (and French for capable students), plus two or three further options. We are delighted to be able to offer the study of Triple Science from  All students’ education remains broad and balanced, with option choices taking place a year later ready for the GCSE stage (years 10 and 11).

As well as expert teaching from primary age-range specialists who also have subject area strengths, the primary curriculum has the rare benefit of drawing on specialist teaching during years 1 to 6. These subjects include French, Science, Music, PE and Art. This feature is a unique strength of a single-site, all-through school.

Our extra-curricular offer is rich and ambitious and includes opportunities for sports, music, arts, adventure and other. We are members of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme.

The ‘curriculum’: accessibility for all students

At Christ’s College we work hard to make sure that our curriculum is accessible for all. Our SENCo works with both parents and students to make sure the needs of their child are always met, and staff regularly engage with training sessions to better prepare them to meet the need of every child. Staff are trained in scaffolding their lessons and the curriculum, in order for each child to exceed. We have a dedicated learning support team, consisting of higher level teaching assistants and tutors who are on hand to support your child when needed. Furthermore, we have engaged in a range of different programmes to help your child progress in both reading and mathematics.

We also make sure that our curriculum is inclusion and at various points in their school journey, students will learn about a range of religions, races, and people in order that they understand and tolerate other peoples and cultures. At various points throughout the year we broaden our curriculum with extra-curricular visits and by inviting guest speakers in.

In February 2022, we opened our new classroom buildings which are physically accessible for all students. These classrooms are all on ground level and are both comfortable and spacious.