Dear Parents and Carers

We were informed yesterday morning that two related students (in the Year 3/4 bubble, and also in the Year 10 bubble), neither of whom had attended school since Friday, unfortunately were classified as positive for Covid-19. Consequently, these bubbles are now self-isolating and as a further precaution so are three staff members. Deep cleaning has been undertaken in the relevant areas. Our best wishes and prayers are extended to the children and to their family for their swift and full recoveries.

With measures in place to strongly suppress transmission at Christ’s College (and whilst we are in no way complacent about potential on-site risk) it is likely that the source of this infection was community based. Subject to further advice from Public Health England and Sunderland Local Authority, affected students and staff will return to school on Monday 28 September. During their period of isolation, students will of course continue to be engaged with, and supported in their studies.

Whilst hopefully unnecessary to re-iterate, please be assured that our absolute priority continues to be for the welfare of our community – students, staff and parents – which as well as health of course includes for children’s ongoing education.

As such, in addition to the Bromcom Student Portal and smartphone app that have already been launched with students in Years 7-11 (and that will come to Years 5 and 6 before the end of this week), we shall shortly roll out access for all parents to Bromcom’s ‘My Child at School’ (MCAS) smartphone app and online portal. This will provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for parents to view set homework and remote studies.

Please also remember: if your child develops any of the symptoms of coronavirus, he/she must not attend school and should be tested as soon as possible. It is essential that you inform school of the result as quickly as possible, and if your child tests ‘positive’, then
1. he/she should not attend school until at least 10 days after either (a) the positive test was taken or (b) the date when symptoms began (whichever date is later). 2. before returning to school, any high temperature must have been ended at least 48 hours before attending school.3. all others in the household must also self-isolate for 14 days.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, and thank you for your assistance as we manage this situation with utmost care for your children

Yours sincerely

David Dawes
Executive Principal