Dear Parents and Carers We were informed yesterday morning that two related students (in the Year 3/4 bubble, and also in the Year 10 bubble), neither of whom had attended school since Friday, unfortunately were classified as positive for Covid-19. Consequently, these bubbles are now self-isolating and as a further precaution so are three staff…Read More →

September 2020 Re-opening

Please click here to read the letter outlining September 2020 re-opening.  Parents have been sent an email if their child is joining the College in September 2020; this outlines arrival and departure times for their child in Repcetion. Staggered start times Primary years arrival and departure times Current Class/Form Teacher New Class/Form Teacher Term Start…Read More →

Thought for the Week

In 1 Kings chapter 19, after many incredible experiences, we find the prophet Elijah hiding in a cave feeling fearful and completely alone. Flicking back a couple of pages we read that the prophet has seen God’s hand at work powerfully over the months up to this moment. God worked through Elijah to challenge the…Read More →

Thought for the Week

During this extended period of lockdown, we have been blessed with some glorious days of sunshine and much needed vitamin D! Though the sun most definitely brightens up our spirits, a little too much can leave us rather exhausted and drained! Whilst sun cream protects our skin from damage, shade is often the welcome relief…Read More →

Thought for the Week

God sent a cleaner Sometimes in life we can feel like our lives are topsy-turvy; all our normal routines are upside down. It may feel like our lives are like a snow globe and someone has given it a good shake. People’s lives around the world have all been shaken up and nothing is normal…Read More →

Thought for the Week

In the news recently, there have been reports by surprised journalists that people around our country have been turning to prayer, particularly younger people. This came as no surprise to me. One of my great joys is visiting everyone at the college over Wednesday lunchtime. Chatting to all the pupils and staff is always delightful….Read More →

Thought for the Week – Significant Lives at Significant Times

Throughout History, there have been many people who have lived significant lives at significant times. It has been seen in what action they have done at a specific time and how this has made a difference in the lives of others. We are living at a significant time that will be remembered for years to come…Read More →

Thought for the week

I don’t know about you but parts of the ‘lockdown’ that felt new and different are starting to feel limiting and tiring. Some of us have had to face some really sad, challenging and difficult situations whilst the majority have just seen life shrink down and many of the things we enjoyed previously – friends,…Read More →

Thought for the week

Dear Students and Parents of Christ’s College, It is reassuring, during this isolation period, that seasons still move through their rhythms – spring has arrived! As we work through this corona crisis internationally, nationally and even in our own homes, it is good to remind ourselves amid this time of uncertainty, that something things are…Read More →

A thought for this week

Dear Parents and Carers “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation” (Philippians 4v.12).  These are extraordinary words to think about in light of COVID 19.  The apostle Paul was in “isolation” when he wrote this. In fact, he was in prison facing a death sentence.  In the game of…Read More →