School Improvement Board

Emmanuel Schools Foundation (“the Trust”) is legally accountable for every school in the Trust. The CEO is accountable to the Trust for the performance and delivery of the whole organisation. The CEO is advised by the Executive Team who are responsible for finances and resources, and the learning and academic progress of all students.

A School Improvement Board (SIB) has been constituted as determined by Emmanuel Schools Foundation. The SIB will act as committee of the Trust. The purpose of the SIB is to provide support and challenge to the school on behalf of the Trust. It will achieve this through providing strategic direction at a local level, promoting high standards and educational achievement. The SIB will work in partnership with the Principal, the Senior Leadership Team, and executive team from the Trust. The SIB’s terms of reference can be located here.

Any enquiries, issues or concerns relating to Christ’s College should be raised with the Principal or his staff in the first instance; however parents are free to write to the Chair of the SIB, if they so wish. If parents would like to contact any of the Governors, please telephone Reception or email the Academy or write to Miss C Taylor, Company Secretary, Trinity House, Sixth Avenue, Blyth, NE24 2SY.

A list of the SIB governors is show below:-

Mr Duncan Woods01/05/2019Ebacc, ethos
Mr Tim Davies10/06/2019English
Ms Lucy Pearson10/06/2019EYFS, Safeguarding, SEND, LAC
Mr Phil Conn09/12/2020Chairman and Maths
Mr Stuart Graham08/02/2021Health and Safety, STEM
Mr Rob Whitton04/03/2022
Mrs Angela Tinkler04/03/2022

The Declarations of Interest can be found here

Governance functions are delegated to the SIB by the Foundation Board. The details of the delegation are contained within a scheme of delegation which can be found in the Governance section of the Foundation website here

Governance attendance at SIB meetings can be located here

Emmanuel Schools Foundation

The structure of Emmanuel Schools Foundation can be found in the Governance section of the ESF website and the memorandum and articles of association of ESF can be found here.

The Board of Directors can be found on the ESF website.

The ESF Funding Agreement can be found here.

Christ’s College novated Funding Agreement can be found here.

The current members of Emmanuel Schools Foundation can be found here.

If you are interested in becoming a governor, please complete the form below and send it back to us.

ESF Application Form – member, trustee or local governor

Governor – If you are applying to join a particular school within the Foundation.
Trustee – If you are applying to join Emmanuel Schools Foundation.