Vision, Mission, Virtues

Everyone is:

Valued, Challenged, Inspired

Our vision:

Each person in our schools is valued, challenged and inspired, being ‘made in God’s image’ and therefore infinitely precious, morally responsible and gifted for a purpose.  Founded on faith, hope and love, and inspired by Christ, we pursue excellence in character development, learning across the curriculum, and service to our communities.


Our Mission:

Providing Christian-ethos schools of character for the whole community:

We build good character. We learn about good character, why it matters and how to develop it.

We are determined to achieve a personal best. We provide a broad, ambitious curriculum that ensures excellent student learning, progress and future destinations.

COMMUNITY Engagement
We serve with gratitude. We use our gifts to benefit our community and environment.

7 Core Virtues (Good Habits)

Love: We act selflessly, with kindness and compassion, for the good of others.
Wisdom: We exercise good judgement; seeing and doing what is true and good.
Fairness: We treat everyone fairly and justly, the way we would like to be treated ourselves.
Self-Control: We control our desires, not letting our desires control us.
Courage: We are determined to achieve what is worthwhile even in the face of difficulty.
Humility: We avoid arrogance, being realistic about our strengths and weaknesses.
Integrity: We are honest with ourselves and others, so that our words and actions agree.