A thought for this week

Dear Parents and Carers

“I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation” (Philippians 4v.12).  These are extraordinary words to think about in light of COVID 19.  The apostle Paul was in “isolation” when he wrote this. In fact, he was in prison facing a death sentence.  In the game of “my isolation is worse than yours,” he wins, hands down.  So, what’s the secret?  We need to know because none of us feel particularly content right now! 

The secret is wrapped up in knowing where we truly belong.  The Christian is in Christ like we might put something in an envelope. Where the envelope goes so does what is inside.  So where Jesus Christ goes, we go.  As he died on the cross at Easter so did all those who trust in him.  As he rose to new life so do all those who know his forgiveness.  While the Christian is physically here on earth, our citizenship is in heaven with him (Phil 3:20).  That is where we truly belong.  That does not mean we are immune to the anxieties and sorrows of earthly life.  It does mean though that one day Christ will change our lowly bodies to be like his glorious, eternal body.   I guess in the isolation Paul faced his hope in Jesus Christ was strengthened, refined, sharpened.  May ours do so to us.

Duncan Woods (Chair of School Improvement Board)