Christ's College is the new name, from 1 Sept 2019, of the school formerly known as Grindon Hall Christian School


Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy – From September 2019
Uniform Policy – Up to July 2019

Uniform Style Guides

Daywear: Reception – Year 6
Daywear: Year 7 – Year 11
Sportswear, Coats and Bags: All Year Groups

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Daywear: Reception – Year 6
Daywear: Year 7 – Year 11
Sportswear, Coats and Bags: All Year Groups

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With the school name change, and to address certain issues with what is otherwise a very popular and high-quality uniform, intensive work has been underway by ESF’s uniform supply specialists.  Key principles and changes to day wear and sportswear are:

  1. New starters to the school from September 2019 will only be eligible to wear correct CCS-branded uniform.
  2. Existing students with uniform fully compliant with July 2019 GHCS rules, may continue to wear correct* GHCS uniform until July 2021, thereby allowing considerable time for wear, growth, etc.
  3. Key uniform changes, including response to input from parents and students:
    1. Christ’s College logo replaces GHCS;
    2. Caps & Bonnets (£27.99) in primary years are now listed as ‘desired’ rather than compulsory;
    3. Rever-neck blouses without tie are an option for girls;
    4. Trousers and skirts: black with CCS logo and price reductions for junior sizes.  Black is preferred generally, also enabling (across all waist sizes) supply of correct length skirts that touch the knee when standing;
    5. Blazers: we are working with our supplier to organise retrofit of the new logo for in-use blazers (except where older ‘white-font’ type which prevent retrofit unfortunately), at nil cost to parents;
    6. Sports uniform – reduced overall requirements and costs.

*For parents of existing students who are in any doubt as to what the current uniform rules are, being permitted to continue through to July 2021, they should refer to ‘Up to July 2019 uniform policy’ .