Christ's College is the new name, from 1 Sept 2019, of the school formerly known as Grindon Hall Christian School

The School Day

Year Infant (KS1) children line up at the dining hall gates

Year Junior (KS2) children line up at the sports hall gates

Secondary (KS3,4 and 6th form) students enter via the Stable Block gates

Breakfast provision (£1) 08.00Breakfast provision (£1) 08.00
Students line up at gate 08.25Students line up at gate 08.25
Registration/assembly 08.30Registration/reading/assembly 08.30
Literacy Lesson 108.55
Break10.00Lesson 210.00
Lunch11.40Lesson 311.25
Cornerstone Curriculum12.30Lunch12.30
Mid-afternoon exercise breakLesson 413.15
Evening Prayer15.20Lesson 514.20
School day ends15.25Evening Prayer15.25
Collection points15.30 School day ends 14.30
After school care
(advance booking)

Extracurricular activities
15.30-17.30Homework club/
Extracurricular activities