Christ's College is the new name, from 1 Sept 2019, of the school formerly known as Grindon Hall Christian School

Meet the Principal

This year marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for the children and their families here at Christ’s College Sunderland. We are delighted to be part of the Emmanuel Schools Foundation and look forward to all the opportunities this presents for both our students and staff as we seek to provide the best education possible.

Christ’s College is a small, ‘family feel’ place of education in which our vision is for ‘Every child to be known’. Within this supportive environment, students are encouraged to develop and grow in their character, apply themselves diligently to academic study and strive to give back to the community, with a servant heart. In this 4-16 College, we aspire for all students to flourish and to develop a deep awareness of their uniqueness alongside their personal gifts and talents. We are passionate about supporting our students to engage with a range of experiences such as sport, art and music and over the coming months and years this is an area which will develop and grow. In addition, throughout their time at the College, students will have a number of extra-curricular opportunities to visit places locally, nationally and further afield to enrich their understanding and appreciation of the world we live in.

It is important as we move forward that we do not forget the past history of this site. Grindon Hall was originally the manor house and the Duxford family who owned it contributed a lot to the local community through the shipping business. It became a sanatorium and later Fulwell Grange Christian School, which became Grindon Hall Christian School in 2000. This distinct Christian foundation underpins the ethos, beliefs and core values from which we operate. The Christian Gospel is a message of hope, redemption and transformation which shapes the way in which we see ourselves and how we interact with others and our world.

We seek to help all our students to have high aspirations and to develop the crucial life skills such as independent working and self-organisation of a successful learner. We desire to work in partnership with parents to help prepare students to take their place within society as a confident, morally responsible and diligent people.

At the start of this new phase is the opportunity to reconfigure some of the existing areas. This Autumn we will be opening up a new Science area in the Stables block and also introducing Engineering and Food Technology to the curriculum. There will be two new fully equipped specialist teaching rooms for our students. In Summer 2020, the inside of the main school will undergo some changes to enlarge and update the classrooms.  These changes will serve to support our students to experience a breadth of curriculum within a vibrant learning environment.

Mrs J Roberts