Christ's College is the new name, from 1 Sept 2019, of the school formerly known as Grindon Hall Christian School

Revised Term Dates 2019-20

Dear Parents and Carers

2019/20 Revised Term Dates

Following detailed internal consultation, and having listened to a range of concerns, we are pleased to publish final revised term dates for the upcoming academic year 2019/20 (see calendar attached).  This is an unusually late change, and we hope parents appreciate that as new sponsors we have acted with utmost priority to address issues with the school’s operating model that otherwise remained unresolved.

Christ’s College has recently enjoyed some three weeks of holiday more than ‘regular’ state-funded schools (i.e. an extra week’s holiday between each of the three full school terms).  This published change retains a degree of this – being important to the quality and operating model of a small school – but to a slightly reduced extent of now two additional weeks.

The traditional week of ‘extra’ holiday will now continue at Christmas and Summer breaks.  However, Easter break (immediately preceding summer term public exams) is a fortnight in length, as was previously published, consistent with that enjoyed by other state-funded schools.

In September 2019, exceptionally, there is provision for extended INSET for staff who will benefit from training / development as part of joining the Emmanuel Schools Foundation.  Autumn term will now begin for students on Monday 9 September 2019.

Summary changes to 2019/20 term dates, compared with previously published:

  • Monday 9 Sept 2019 – deferred start to Autumn term for students (exceptionally for 2019)
  • Friday 13 Dec 2019 – last day of Autumn term (continuing the established 3-week Christmas holiday)
  • Easter 2020 holiday remains at the previously-published 2 weeks
  • Friday 10 July 2020 – last day of Summer term (continuing the established 7-week summer holiday)

Once Sunderland has published schools’ term dates for 2020/21, we will confirm Christ’s College term dates for 2020/21.

We very much hope parents will value these adjustments to the previously published calendar.

Yours sincerely

David Dawes

Executive Principal

2019-20 Revised Term Dates